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Roof Restoration

At Jcb Roof And Gutter we take pride in now being able to provide high quality and affordable roof restorations At almost 1/3 the cost of a new roof you will be saving money and giving your old tired looking roof a new lease on life. our services include tile and metal restorations using the highest quality dulux products and only the best cleaning and painting equipment to ensure your newly painted roof stands the test of time in our harsh australian conditions. BEWARE of imitators who offer a seemingly cheap price as their techniques and products will prove to be a waste of time and money! When you choose to recieve your free quote from us you will be greeted by an experienced tradesman with many years of real industry experience in all aspects of roofing NOT a pushy salesman. we will thoroughly inspect your roof and give expert advice about the right product to suit your needs ensuring that the work we complete will be done on time, to the highest quality and most importantly at a reasonable price!

  • The first step of the restoration process is to replace any broken roof tiles and replace any valley gutters that need replacing or being a metal roof we will replace any damaged or corroded sheeting or flashings. 

  • Next we will high pressure wash your roof to remove any loose flaking paint or debris and will then continue on to clean any leftover debris from the gutters and downpipes

  • Now is an excellent opportunity to think about replacing your gutters and downpipes as it will prevent any possibility of furture water problems and will really compliment the look of your newly restored roof!

  • now that your roof and gutters are clean our experienced tradesmen  will repoint your ridgecaps and barges using a high quality flexible membrane that is made to cope with our harsh conditions.

  • our 3 coat dulux paint system is the only sure way to protect your home for many years to come, first is a primer/sealer to provide a good base for the new paint to adhere and to prevent any future mould or moss. finally we will apply 2 coats of dulux acratex roof membrane to complete the restoration and leave your house looking amazing!(heat resistant paint also available on request)


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